Baking is something that to our body mental should be loved as it has many benefits to our mental system. Here are the five reasons why baking is good for mental health.

1. Biking is mindful and meditative

Making a cake is a very involving activity that requires total concentration of the brain, from doing the measuring of all ingredients to ensuring the swirling process in the icing is perfect. Cake decoration is another area that needs keen concentration at the same time keeping your hand very steady in the process at your bakery.


There is also heightened attention that is brought about by the science of baking a cake. You have to measure the scale of everything that you are using to bake to ensure you have the exact amount that will produce a delicious cake. Regulating the temperature in the oven by making sure you are piping some ice always keeps you focused throughout the process. Baking completely ties you down giving you no chance to grasp objects like phones as your hands are completely covered in flour.

2. The joy that comes with trying and sharing

Making a lovely cake and then handing it over to your relatives or friends can bring a real sense of pride to you at the same time you will feel so happy for your deeds. Baking for someone’s cake for an event that turns out to be awesome adds a glow to your relationship.

Most of the time when you are trying to bake for the first time it can doubt but when you finally produce a cake, it brings a lot of joy and happiness in our lives.

3. Baking helps to tackle depression

When someone feels stressed and can’t even get out of bed, the baking experience can prove to be very vital as many people who have suffered from depression have commonly cited baking to be the only activity that could effectively make them come out of their depression.


Baking can, therefore, help one to go out of his or her darker times due to the amount of concentration that is required and the art of baking.

4. It gets you moving

The process of bashing pastry, keeping your arm steady as you roll the pin, making of breadcrumbs for butter makes the whole process to be somehow physical, at the end you will realize you have exercised enough for the day without you noticing. With enough exercise, feel-good hormones are released that brings comfort and pleasure to your mind.

Baking process can be equated to half an hour jog, so it is not just like relaxing on a sofa, but it is a demanding process that will get the whole you involved.

5. it’s about friendship

The baking process is all about friendship when you have done something wrong or you are not in a position to multitask, it is your closest baker or friend that will come to your rescue, and in the process, your friendship gets stronger. So baking at home or even at your workplace can be this vital to your mental wellbeing.