Greece is a paradise with wonderful aspects from magnificent beaches to warm climate and picturesque landscapes. If planning to visit Greece and see its wonderful aspect, you’ll be surprised to note that Greek food will be your first attraction. Surprised? Well, Greeks love their food, love what they eat and love feeding others.

In fact, Greeks eat as many as five times a day and when you get there, you couldn’t help but enjoy eating Greek food that’s prepared with fresh local ingredients like Mediterranean vegetables, lemon juice, grains, olive oil, and different types of fish and meat. Greek food is indeed flavorsome and here is a list of 5 delicious dishes you must try.

1. Moussaka

Moussaka is without a shadow of a doubt a sample of rich Greek cuisine and it’s the potatoes, aubergines, minced meat, and béchamel sauce used as ingredients that make the dish the way it is.

greek food

First things first, minced meat, aubergine, and potatoes are fried and then topped with béchamel sauce. They are then baked until they become golden brown and when served, you’ll tell how mouthwatering it is.

2. Fasolatha

Fasolatha is yet another simple yet Greece’s national dish. It is simply a stable Greek soup that includes olive oil, white beans, crushed tomatoes, and different vegetables such as carrots, onions, and celery.

Despite its simplicity, it is usually flavored with parsley, thyme and bay leaves that make it extremely delicious.

3. Koulouri

If you can find circular bread covered in sesame seeds in Greece, what else would you be looking for? Koulouri is this circular bread we are talking about and when you walk Greek cities such as Thessaloniki or Athens, you’ll see locals moving up and down munching on Koulouri and you should join them and try this finger-licking soft bread.


It can also be made with chocolate chips filled with cheese, turkey, or tomatoes and peppers. It’s a powerful and delicious breakfast which you should try before heading to the beach.

4. Spanakopita

Spanakopita, also known as spinach pie is a simple dish made with eggs, spinach, onion, feta, and filo (pie crust) which are mixed and baked until they appear golden. Thanks to its versatility, Spanakopita is perfect to take any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner and will without a doubt satisfy your taste buds.

Another famous pie similar to Spanakopita is the greek cheese pie famously known as tiropita which is a traditional yet delicious Greek food. It is made with filo topped with cheese and egg mixture and it’s the best dish to have in the morning and have the energy to explore Greece.

5. Tzatziki

Tzatziki is one of the classic Greek appetizers or sauces you can ever find and the best thing is that they come in different varieties to meet the need of every person. Tzatziki is prepared with plain Greek yogurt, olive oil, shredded cucumber, and garlic. It is served as a dip or with grilled meat. Either way, Tzatziki is healthy and easy to prepare dish.

Bottom line

Greece is a paradise full of clear blue waters and beautiful landscapes. However, if you want to enjoy every minute while in Greece, you must be energized and inspired by eating the right food. Greek food is definitely fresh and awesome and if planning to go there with friends or family, we have made things easier for you and the above list should be on your list of Greek cuisine to try out. If you try out any our top five Greek foods, you’ll be glad you found this article.