As people are becoming increasingly aware of how important proper nutrition is for their health and are consequently paying more attention to what they eat, it’s become obvious that this is something you have to take into consideration when planning any sort of event. Fortunately, healthy food choices don’t mean that what you serve at your gathering will be tasteless or boring. On the contrary, there are many delicious, yet healthy meal options you can opt for. If you’re still worried, there’s absolutely no need to be. Just go through these wonderful ideas for a health-supporting menu and your event is bound to be successful.

Make your skewers work for you

Skewers are practical. You can eat straight from them and hold them without worrying your hands will get sticky or that something will stain your clothes. It’s no wonder that even the most demanding of guests are simply mad about them. So, use this to your advantage by being smart about what you put on them. You can combine ingredients like lean chicken or turkey meat, seafood or cheese and fresh vegetables. On the other hand, you can keep your skewers vegetarian or vegan by using mushrooms instead of meat and tofu instead of cheese. The possibilities are endless and mixing flavors and colors is the simplest thing in the world when you use sticks for serving food. 


Go seasonal

Another thing which can simplify your life when planning a menu for an event is seasonal food, especially when it’s grown locally. Although the biggest cities in the world have plenty to offer in this area, it can be difficult to locate the places with the best seasonal products, which is why you should consider finding somebody who already knows all there is to know about it. For instance, it would be wise to rely on professional catering in NYC, since that way you’ll get things like fresh peaches and chamomile in your cocktails, as well as stuffed mushrooms and such delicacies as lettuce wraps with basil, strawberries and almonds, and all of it exactly when it’s as fresh as can be. Knowing that you and your guests can nibble on these seasonal specialties means that you can relax, since you can count on them to have excellent nutritional value, while being incredibly tasty.

Use your vegetables well

Instead of relying too much on meat and pastries, you can reach for some nourishing vegetables to enrich the menu for your event. For instance, using cauliflower to make pizza-like crust and topping it with quality mozzarella and fresh tomatoes is something any guest would probably be happy to try. Similarly, if some of your guests are vegan or vegetarian and you’re looking for something which resembles a stake and which everybody can freely eat, try cutting zucchini or eggplant in thick slices, spicing them and either grilling or baking them. Not only is it a healthy alternative to juicy steaks, but it smells, tastes and looks mouth-watering.


Be playful with fruit arrangements

Natural food is always a good idea when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, so utilize that knowledge to make the menu at your event more appealing visually and nutritionally. For instance, you can add color and shape to the way you present the food, and this is something you can achieve by loading up on fruit and making the best of it in order to create wonderful edible works of art on your tables. Skip the old-fashioned fruit bowls, which require guests to peal, chop and make a mess with whole fruits. Cut up the fruit and arrange them into sculptures, or carve individual fruits into different shapes, preferably bite-sized, to make them more attractive and easier to eat. Your imagination is the only limit, since you can turn pieces of fruit into stars, hearts, flowers or even animals. And once you draw attention to your fruit arrangement, everybody will gladly take some, whether you serve fruit as a starter or desert.

You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to food for social gatherings. It can be finger-licking, nourishing and pleasing to the eye at the same time. All you have to do is take the good advice from this article and organize an event everybody will talk about for months.