A beach can be one of the most relaxing places to go for a run. As well as the fact that the view is something to really be enjoyed, the sound of the waves breaking onto the shore can be very soothing. There are also many physical benefits to running on the beach and some of these will be explored in more detail below.

Less Impact On Your Ankles


As sand is a soft surface, there will not be as much impact on your ankles when you are running. This is because your feet will not pound on the ground in the same way as it would if you were running on the road. This makes it less likely that you will pick up an injury when you are running.

Burns More Calories

If you have ever walked on the beach, you will know that it takes more effort than normal to take every step. The good news is that this extra effort also means that you will be burning more calories when you are running.

If you have taken up running in order to try and lose weight, then running on the beach can help you achieve your goals quicker than running on the road.

Trains The Muscles In Your Lower Body

The fact that it takes more effort to make each stride means that the muscles in the lower part of your body have to work harder.


Even muscles that you wouldn’t normally use when running on the road will get a workout. Training the muscles in your lower body is a lot more enjoyable when you are running on the beach compared to using machines at the gym.

Improves Your Balance

When you are running on the sand, you don’t know exactly how your foot is going to land. This means that your body has to learn to adapt every time that your foot lands on the floor.

Over time you will find that your overall balance and co-ordination improves and this can help with any other exercise that you do on a regular basis.

It Helps You Stay Motivated

There is nothing quite like the feeling that you get when you are running along the beach and this feeling can be enough to get you running even when you don’t feel like it. Now that you are aware of all the benefits of running on sand that have been discussed on this page, you know that you will be working hard as well as enjoying your surroundings.

Beach running can be quite difficult to get used to when you only have experience of running on the road. A good way to get started is to just run for a few minutes at a time. As you get used to the texture of the sand as you run then you can build up your time and distance.