People around the world love the Nespresso coffee makers. These coffee makers will make your cup of coffee just the way you like it in the comfort of your home or office. A Nespresso machine is a single-serve brewer that only works with coffee pods/ capsules. These coffee pods hold ground coffee that could even have additional flavors.

In order to enjoy using your Nespresso machine, the pods you put inside it should be compatible with it. In a study conducted in 2014, it was found that some capsules from well-established coffee makers were not compatible with the Nestle Nespresso machines. In order to enjoy the best cup of latte or coffee made by a Nespresso, the pods must be compatible with the device.

The coffee pods compatible with Nespresso

Coffee in capsule

Manufactures are ever trying to improve their products. However, these are some of the pods that proved best compatible with your Nespresso.

1. Pressogno capsules.

2. Café Royal capsules

3. La Caffe Mocha Espresso capsules

These are some of the pods that weren’t compatible with the Nespresso; Jacobs Momente Espresso Classico and the Caffe Vergnamo Espresso 1882. During the test, the capsules that were incompatible;

• Produced watery broth

• The Nespresso mechanism did not work properly

• The needle did not crush or pierce the capsule as required.

• There was more water than expected


There are many Nespresso coffee making machines in the market. Each of the machines is unique, and you can make the perfect cup of coffee using it. Visit and learn the many tricks you can employ to get your quality cup of Nespresso today.


A majority of the Nespresso machines today are made using aluminum, soft plastic, hard plastic, or tampered plastic. The shape of the devices might vary, but the main concept remains. A Nespresso will make you a single quality cup of coffee with every single use.