Aloe vera was the CBD of the 1990s and almost sparked a “green rush” similar to what we are experiencing now with marijuana. Unlike CBD whose medical efficacy is still murky (as far as FDA is concerned), Aloe vera has an explicitly proven potency against a range of illnesses and cosmetic applications. It is rivaled by very few other medicinal plants in the world of dietary supplements.

At least 68 species of the Aloe vera plant produces Aloin, a powerful yellowish-brown exudate that has found use in the production of laxatives and several other dietary supplements.

amp floracel is one of the well-known Aloe vera supplements out there. Created in 1996, it is a natural immune and digestive strengthening supplement for both men and women. The good thing is it doesn’t matter whether the digestive issues are chronic or mild, a capsule of this supplement will keep you going.


The power of this supplement doesn’t entirely come from raw Aloin but rather a slightly altered component called Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP) which contains small amounts of Aloin and a cocktail of other anti-acid and antioxidant-like elements.

This supplement alleviates a range of other problems as well but that depends on the size of the chains in the AMP.

– Small chains: anti-inflammation, colitis, and arthritis

– Medium chains: Strengthening the heart & arteries and serving as an antioxidant

– Large Chains: Anti-viral and anti-bacterial

– Very large chains: Improving and supporting the immune system

The supplement is marketed in three forms: capsules, powder, and the pet supplement. The capsule and powder versions are the same by content; they just come in different textures to suit two different consumption preferences. The pet version is intended for combating digestive and immune problems in cats and dogs.

Why it is the best aloe vera supplement


– It is a 2-in-1 supplement that alleviates stomach and immune issues

– The AMP was used instead of pure Aloin to reduce the toxicity signature of the supplement (Aloin is toxic when used alone). This means the supplement is safe for your health

– It is one of the oldest aloe vera supplements out there