We all want to be healthier. That’s why we change our diets for the better and increase our daily exercise. However, one hindrance to exercising is the sedentary life at our work desks. We stay seated for long periods and even after going home, some of us can’t get enough time to go for a run, or to the gym.

Since you can’t quit your job to exercise, let’s look at simple exercises you can do at your desk in secret.

Leg Lifts


Leg lifting is one exercise you can hide from your colleagues. How does it go? Sit upright and raise your legs so that they’re in line with your waist. Hold them in that position for at least 5 seconds and lower them slowly. Don’t let them touch the ground. You can do it with one leg each time or both legs. Repeat the process and do around 15-20 reps.

Secret Squats

While conducting several activities throughout the office, you have several options to squat; it’s just that you don’t notice them.

For instance, while standing up, you shouldn’t do it suddenly; you should do it slowly in a way to form a squat position. The same case applies when you’re sitting down, do it slowly. Also, if you’ve dropped something on the floor, stand up and make a squat while picking it. Please read here to Get More Information.

The Boomerang Chair

Do you sit in a rolling desk chair at work? You’ve been having an opportunity to work out with it it’s just that you haven’t realized. To do this secret exercise, grab the desk’s edge, try pushing yourself away while seated and then try pulling yourself back. After several pushing and pulling severally, you’ll start feeling your sweat trickle. If your chair doesn’t roll, you don’t have to move it; push and pull on your desk’s edge, and your chair’s resistance will offer the work out you need.

The Hovering Genie


Place your hands on your chair’s arms and try to lift your body from your seated position. However, before starting, ensure that the chair’s arms are strong enough to carry your weight to avoid a crash. Even though this exercise may be challenging for some people, you don’t have to lift yourself all the way up. Even a small lift can deliver excellent results.

Toe Tapping

It may not seem like much, but tapping your toes quicky is an excellent exercise at your desk. Lift your feet and tap the toes of each foot in an alternating manner. Tap until your muscles start tightening, take a break, and go for other several sessions. It’ll increase blood flow, and you will feel better.

Who said you can’t exercise while at your work desk? These exercises are simple and won’t attract unnecessary attention. You can also try others like leg curls, arm curls, shoulder blade squeezes, and many others.