Trying to stay in shape while on vacation isn’t impossible though sometimes it can be difficult. Most important is the point to try and stay on track with eating. By getting off track it is going to be more difficult to stay in shape.

Make sure that when you are on vacation you don’t let yourself go too far and get crazy with your food choices. Planning ahead is the best way to try and stop that.

Tips For Moving Around

When going on vacation, there are many ways to stay active. You could go for a walk in the new area and see the sights, go for a swim if you are headed to the beach, or a bike ride. It depends on where you might be headed for a vacation. If you are going to a hotel, take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Same thing with being at the airport, don’t take an automated walkway if you can help it, walk whenever you can so that you can get more exercise.

For more creative ideas on how to stay in shape while on vacation you can read this post here. There are many different ways that you can try to be more active and boost your chances of staying in shape while on vacation.

If you are going to a hotel you can also take time to check if they have a pool or an exercise room, most of them often do. You can take a few minutes to go down there and go for a workout if you would like. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes of focused effort to make it worth it.

Getting walks in can be much more effective and realistic, and little changes add up quickly. Taking the stairs whenever you can or walking instead of grabbing a taxi to get you there. Trying to be more active in these ways can add up daily, whereas it’s more difficult to carve time to head down to the pool perhaps.


First, having the goal to try and stay in shape while on vacation is the most important aspect to be sure that is covered. You don’t want to have the goal of relaxing on your fitness goals and eating plans. Vacation isn’t the time to let yourself get off track, you don’t have to.

Put in the time to be prepared and look ahead for opportunities to walk, talk the stairs, and engage in other physical activities that will help you to stay moving around.

Get up and go for a walk on the plane instead of sitting down for too long, or the ferry, or train. Make sure to move around and get your body moving on a regular basis and you are sure to have more luck at staying in shape if you make the effort.

It doesn’t take hours at the gym every day, it sometimes just takes small but consistent changes and determination to continue striving to stay in shape.